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Welcome To BARRETT INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Home of Creative Technological Innovations

Introduction - About Us

Barrett Information Technologies, Inc. is an experienced, versatile and proven custom software development company, located in South Dade, Miami, Florida. We pride ourselves in not just been adept at first listening to our customers' requirements and then developing solutions to clearly articulate their message, but we are constantly seeking to improve upon the status quo with each project. You see, we literally challenge our clients to try to imagine how they might employ technology in the future to accomplish the jobs they do today.

Whether yours is a business, entertainment or a personal interest, Barrett Information Technologies, Inc. challenges you to take your ideas to the emerging leaders in Web Development, Branded Media Content Development, Game Development, Mobile Apps Development and Web Marketing in the South Dade marketplace, and experience the mind-boggling difference and effectiveness in our products.

We dare you to find a better option.

By pushing ourselves to innovate as our clients imagine, together, we have managed to create some very stunning solutions to their long-term business needs. Sometimes we actually help our customers gain brand new insight on their previously imagined venture. That is one of the most satisfying parts of this adventure we call Breathing Life Into Your Ideas at Barrett Information Technologies, Inc.; helping folks elevate their thinking, get excited and move their organization or business to the next level as a result of the new and innovative thought process we just helped to facilitate.

We Constantly seek to improve our performance by employing leading edge programmers, developers, and technologies, in our development suite. Therefore we'll continue seeking to incorporate emerging technologies into our present arsenal of tools, further increasing our effectiveness, while continuing to guarantee your satisfaction.

Barrett Information Technologies, Inc. -  Branded Media Content

Barrett Hosting, Inc.

Barrett Hosting is the Web Development, Web Hosting and Software Development arm of the Barrett Information Technologies, Inc. group of companies. We are dedicated to great software development. READ MORE

Daddyman Studios

A Self-sufficient & innovative transmedia production company focused on teaching & modeling godly principles in all aspects of life while providing a skills training & employment pipeline to students & families in under-served communities. READ MORE

The F.E.T.C.H. Program

Providing information technology training and entrepreneurship education for low-income families and under-served communities. Youth Empowerment. Family Enrichment. Community Development. READ MORE

sonMan Publishing

We Create and Distribute literature, music, interactive, transmedia & other digital content covering & enlightening all legal, educational, provocative & relevant issues, genres, religious & ethnic groups with an intent to empower READ MORE

What we offer - About Us

Do you have an online direct marketing campaign? Do you track customer acquisition cost for each internet marketing campaign? Do you feel you're missing out on sales and want to be more visible online? Are you concerned about profitable returns on investment (R.O.I.)? Would you like to know how dynamic media pricing yields substantial media savings? Then it's time for you to experience the Barrett Information Technologies, Inc. E-Business Marketing System. Our solutions increase traffic and produce results that can be measured. Laying claim to an Internet presence and maintaining it these days requires more complex E-Business marketing strategies. Our branded media content, films, commercials & videos integrate advertising more seamlessly into your company's communications. Put us to work for you. Let us increase your R.O.I. while helping you to secure your place in the market of your choose, in any economic climate. We are prepared to bring you more of a bang for your buck, not just just a banged up buck. We produce proven results. We are Barrett Information Technologies, Inc. Over seventeen years of doing business in the local Miami-Dade County community, and yes, we are still committed to "Breathing Life Into Your Ideas". So give us a call, or send us an email...at your convenience of course.
Barrett Information Technologies, Inc. also boasts a full in-house, web-based, design-studio, specializing in Graphic Design and Corporate Identity systems development. Over the past few years Barrett Information Technologies, Inc. has expanded its list of clients to included a worldwide market, spanning at least three continents.
Our Extensive expertise and outstanding creativity deliver valuable and innovative solutions. Our operations reach across national borders and beyond cultural differences, making us well sought after in the area of software development. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, our Graphic Design company has managed to operate completely on a referral basis.

The Barrett Family Of Companies - At A Glance

The Web Hosting and Software Development arm of Barrett Information Technologies, Inc.
We are dedicated to great software development.
Andrew Barrett: Barrett Hosting
We Innovate & Motivate so that we may Rouse, Redirect and Restore. Our Philosophy: Doing all the good we can...For all the people we can...As much as we can...For as long as we can...Without expecting anything in return!
Winston Barrett: Daddyman Studios
A unique approach to crime- prevention & gun-violence reduction. Providing I.T. Training & Entrepreneurship Education for low-income families & under-served communities.
Andrew Barrett: F.E.T.C.H.
Following the path of my Father, DaddyMan, who is a far better Role-Model than 1000 School-Masters combined, so that I too may learn to walk like Him and fulfill my destiny
Andrew Barrett: sonMan Publishing

When the Unstoppable Force meets the Unmovable Object...Hell and powda 'ouse a go errupt! - Daddyman
We know that we are limited only by our imagination...And there is no shortage of that here! - ABar. The Star
...and we know that we shall win, as we are confident in the victory of good over evil. - Emperor Haile Selassie

Who We Are? - About Us

  • Our Mission

    Employing our skills, experience and resources to enable the growth and development of positively oriented projects and organization whose mission and/or purpose are aligned with those of the creator. Following God’s principles in a bottom-line world. Honoring humanity over vanity. Yes! GOD is our C.E.O.
  • Our Strategy

    The beauty and infinite wisdom of the Most High provides us with the freedom to think and choose rightly. We are not in the business of preaching religion or debating what is right or wrong. Rather, we humbly seek to honor our creator, serve our families and empower humanity, while leaving lasting legacies for generations to come.
  • Who We Are

    # We are children of the Most High, who understand our calling and who know that our immense potentials far out-weighs any obstacles this life may throw at us. # We are a customer service-oriented company which just happen to be blessed to operate in the Information Technology field. # We are a South-Dade, Miami, Florida based TransMedia Storytelling Agency producing branded content for individuals, non-profits, small and large organizations, across multiple media genres.

Client Interaction - By Company/Project Type

  • Barrett Hosting
  • Sonman Publishing
  • Daddyman Studios
  • The F.E.T.C,H, Program

Giving birth to creativity while facilitating the synergistic expression of pure human emotions and experiences.

Inside the mind and heart of Daddyman

Do all the good you can, for all the people you can, as much as you can, for as long as you can... Without expecting anything in return.

This philosophy has guided my approach towards my everyday activities.
My responsibility on earth is to love, honor, respect and uplift everyone with whom I am blessed to interact.
We Innovate and Motivate, so that we may, Rouse, Redirect and Restore

  • Knowing every life has purpose
  • Acknowledging each man as my brother
  • Respecting and protecting each woman as my sister
  • Paying my dues to the Creator in the form of benevolent service to humanity
  • Endeavoring to add value to every situation I encounter while leaving a lasting legacy of love on my departure DaddyMan seh suh!